Walmart Marketplace Account Management Services

Walmart Marketplace Account Management Services

Walmart is among the largest eCommerce marketplaces competing with the likes of Amazon, eBay, and Alibaba. Working from the United States, Walmart has spread its wings to several other countries across the globe. Through its stores, Walmart is offering its customers a humongous range of products at different price levels. One of the secrets of achieving success with Walmart is effective account management


Walmart account management needs expertise and a complete understanding of the platform. This begins with setting up the account to product listings, marketing, pricing, account reinstatement, account auditing, product research, and much more. To execute all these services, you need the assistance of a certified and experienced Walmart online account management agency offering bespoke services. Let’s understand how a Walmart account setup and management firm can help you in maintaining, sustaining, and building your Walmart store. 

Benefits of Choosing a Walmart Account Manager and Management Firm

  1. Save Time and Costs: Hiring an account management agency is not the first thought that comes to mind of a Walmart store owner. The initial feeling is, why spend money on something so trivial and simple. But store owners soon begin to realise that account management is easier said than done. By hiring experts of the skill, they will end up saving a lot of money that can be otherwise spent on getting the right integrations, service providers, etc. 


More than money, hiring professional Walmart third-party sellers will help store owners save time as well. Without a manager, they will end up testing and trying all the functions to find the perfect combination of features they need. However, in doing so, these store owners will be left behind in the race while other Walmart account owners take the lead and win the market share. 


  1. Strategy and Plan Creation: When you hire a dedicated account manager or management team, you will not only get expert assistance with account management but also with planning and strategizing. Walmart account managers also act as your Walmart advertising partners. They help build effective strategies by using their experience and wisdom. 


As a result, you will get access to tried and tested methods of improving your Walmart account’s visibility and popularity. 


  1. Ensuring Compliances and Requirements Completion: Setting up and maintaining the Walmart account needs the store owner to satisfy a wide range of conditions. At some point, these requirements turn into compliances which are essential to satisfy if you wish to run the store smoothly. 


For a new business owner, completing all the requirements and setting up the store in one go will be a daunting task. However, with an expert management team for the Walmart account, it will become convenient to set up and run the store while completing all the requirements. 


  1. Helps with Scalability and Expansion: Another benefit of hiring professional account managers for your Walmart store is that they can help you scale and expand your business. Without professional help, you can scale the store, but it will take more time. And with online eCommerce stores, time is of the essence. Hence, you need to get a professional onboard if you want to progress quickly. 


In the event of talking about Walmart marketplace account management services, here are a few basic aspects you need to know about. 

How To Open Walmart Seller Account?

To begin selling on Walmart’s online platform, you need to open up a Walmart seller account. To do this, go to Walmart Marketplace and submit a request to sell on Walmart. 


Followed by this, you need to fill in the necessary information and share details about the business. Approximately it will take 10 minutes to complete the first step, and as you move ahead, things will start to get more complicated. 


The second step is to register your account by verifying the contact information, especially the email address. In the Registration process, you will have to go through five steps;


  1. Application Start

  2. Company Registration

  3. Product and Integration

  4. Shipping and Operations

  5. Confirmation


To complete the registration process, you will need to submit the latest W-9 form. In this, the majority of the process is simple to understand. However, be careful about the information you feed into the system. In this process, at one point, you will be asked to set shipping prices and fill in the days on which you will process the orders. 


With this, your account will be open. However, it won’t be operational as long as you don’t set up the account. This is where you will need an expert’s assistance because there are a lot of aspects involved in seller account setup and management on Walmart. Let’s find out about the same in the next section. 

How To Setup Walmart Seller Account?

To set up a Walmart seller account, you need to continue ahead after creating the profile and completing the partner profile. In this, you will work with Seller Center and complete all the steps on the Launch Checklist. This checklist will outline all the requirements needed to launch the account. 


In this, the first step is creating the partner page. This is the front face of your online store. This page will show all the information your customers will look for, including company name, logo, description, company policies, tax information, address, etc. 


While doing so, keep an eye on Profile Readiness. You can launch the store after the readiness bar reaches 100%. In the next step, Walmart online account management, you need to work on Item setup. This is the part where you will add content, pictures, videos, and other information about your items. 


The next step is about completing the item setup. This is the part that will take most of your time in creating a Walmart Marketplace account. You will add the required information, content, images, and videos about the products. Keep one thing in mind here; you need to validate all the listings by correcting all the highlighted columns. Once you are done, update your Seller Account profile for the Seller Center. 


After all these steps are complete, your account status will turn “Active.” To be sure of everything, you can also test view the product listing on your account by clicking on Preview Item. Check everything in the preview page because this is how your customers will view your products and products page. 


Before you start selling on Walmart Marketplace, you need to launch your account. The launch button will pop up when you save your profile and confirm that you are ready to launch. After this, the Walmart team will review the profile and give a green light if everything is right. If not, your account will not be approved, and you will be asked to correct and/or information. 

Walmart Banned List & Why They Ban?

If you can sell products online, it does not mean that you can sell anything under the sky. There are limitations to what you can sell at Walmart. Walmart has set some rules for the sellers, and in the event of breaking these rules, Walmart has the right to revoke your account and even take legal action. 


Walmart has set these rules according to their standardised requirements. Sellers and buyers are required to adhere to their policies for interacting with the store and marketplace. The authority to ban a seller or customer from the store rests with the manager and the moderators.


Every banned seller and customer’s name is entered into a database. This list is called the Walmart Banned list. Sellers wanting to sell their products must comply with the rules, so they do not end up on the Banned list. 


Sellers can get banned for several reasons, including;


  • Selling Prohibited items: You cannot sell alcohol, animals, unauthorised art, antiques, collectibles, auto parts, baby products, and expired cosmetics on Walmart Marketplace. In addition to these, you can not sell offensive products, some specific types of jewellery, hazardous substances, tobacco, weapons, restricted items, funeral items, drugs, medicines, gold bullion, COVID-19 items, and dietary supplements. This is done to ensure the safety of the customers. 


  • Not Following the Rules: The inability to follow the rules and regulations set up by Walmart can become cause for an account ban or suspension. At times, not staying updated with the rules can also amount to a ban. So, the sellers must always stay updated with these rules. 

Are Walmart Third-Party Sellers Legit?

The Walmart Marketplace, like Amazon, allows other sellers to create an account and start selling. These sellers implement Walmart advertising strategy to promote and sell their products to the public. We cannot say with a guarantee that all the Walmart sellers are legit, because there can be some bad apples in a bunch of good ones. To protect customers from getting scammed, Walmart has implemented a system to assess and identify the sellers as they approve their accounts. 


But still, a customer can come across a bad seller and scam people out of their money. For this purpose, customers also need to be aware of their interactions with third-party sellers. Here are a few tips to stay protected and always buy from authentic sellers on Walmart Marketplace. 


  • Avoid Price-Gouging: One of the ways to identify scammy third-party sellers is price gouging. What they do is inflate the price of an item because of its high demand and low supply. Hence, whenever you try to buy a product from Walmart, make sure to check its price on the web first. 


  • Fake Reviews: At times, some sellers publish fake reviews about their product to create a false positive. While this is also a marketing strategy adopted by some Walmart advertising third-party sellers, it’s not a good technique. 


Understanding this section will help a seller learn ways not to use for selling products on Walmart. Another way to ensure that your account does not get distrusted from the users is to achieve the Pro Seller status. To obtain this, you need to provide quality service, ensure consistent deliveries, and provide free in-store or online returns. 

Walmart Fulfilment Service – How It Works?

The Walmart Fulfilment Service is a dedicated window offered by Walmart to sellers. This end-to-end fulfilment service helps sellers store, pick, pack, and ship their products to customers with great efficiency. This is like a support structure that sellers can avail to sell better and ensure continued efficiency for their online transactions. 


The Walmart Fulfilment Service ensures low-cost 2-day shipping to any address in the USA. The items of WFS sellers are displayed with 2-day delivery and Fulfilled by Walmart tag. This acts as a trust factor for potential customers and also attracts more customers. 


Moreover, with WFS, the sellers will get real-time information about their sales and performance. It will allow the sellers to manage inventory, shipping, order tracking in three ways;


  1. Seller Center

  2. Direct APIs

  3. Integration with Solution providers


In addition to this, the WFS will also provide sellers with personalised recommendations allowing them to optimise their business and scale it by exploring different opportunities. 



Walmart is one of the largest supermarkets operating in the USA. The Walmart Marketplace is a dedicated platform allowing third-party sellers to become a part of the online marketplace. To sell on the platform, sellers need to create an account, manage the same, and expand it to grow a successful business. However, with the help of Walmart account management services, sellers can speed up their account creation process and ensure effective account management. Get in touch with the best account management service providers to get quick and excellent services with personalised marketing and growth solutions. 



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