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If you are trying to scale your ROI, but have found yourself feeling some sort of dismay, maybe it’s time to work with an experienced team like AMAZOS to boost your sales through PPC advertising.


Whether you are just starting and feeling the extreme struggle of competing with leading brands for traffic and conversion, or an established business with dropping sales, Amazos will help you equalize the market arena through data-driven PPT management. You already have a lot on your hands as business owners, maximize productivity by entrusting your PPC advertising to Amazos—where you can do more, and sell more!  

Amazon Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising is a concept that can be simply explained as a system of auction. Amazon sellers bid for keywords that show in search results when customers buy a product. The goal is to get your products listed higher on the Amazon landing page and drive more traffic, leading more customers to buy their products. They are basically Google AdWords for Amazon products. They work the same – you tell them what keywords your product is relevant to and how much you are willing to pay per click when someone searches those keywords on Amazon. They will show your ad as a sponsored result when someone searches for those keywords.  

One of the common problems of Amazon business sellers is that somehow, even with available advertising tools at hand, the number of visitors in their Amazon listing is still scarce. Their products remain invisible in the eyes of consumers, which calls for the evaluation of their marketing strategy. After all, the waves in the Amazon marketing industry are constantly changing. It is such an aggressive competition, and many Amazon business sellers are having a tough time standing out from competitors. The digital landscape is also rapidly expanding, which makes it harder for business marketers to ensure success in marketing their products on the internet. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to determine the marketplace’s sweet spot, where the company may achieve high conversion and traffic.  

That is where Amazos comes in—where a team of dedicated Amazon experts can create, optimize, and execute your products in such a way that it can stand out despite the ever-evolving marketplace. Amazos is passionate about ensuring your business’s success, and creating a realistic and effective market strategy to maintain and maximize your ROI. 



Amazon’s automatic campaigns may be easier to set up, however, it is likely to be a waste of money since they do not optimize the page rank of the product ads, which as a result, fails to consider whether there is profitability in the keywords used. On the other hand, Amazos’ campaigns ensure precision in targeting a specific audience, which ensures an increase in traffic, conversion, and sales. Compared to the former, this is where you want to invest your money in since a handful of experts in Amazos are devoted to maximizing your profit and revenue through effective digital marketing and lowering your advertising cost of sale.  



Executing an effective and successful ad campaign takes a lot of effort and time—two things a business seller would not have time for since they are already occupied by the heavy task of operating the business, production, package, shipment, and others. PPC advertising also requires constant improvements and changes of decisions to be able to keep up with the market and trends. 

Amazos is the perfect partner for managing your Amazon PPC Management. Our Amazon experts will optimize listings and store, plan campaigns, set advertising goals, ensure efficient spending of RoAS, and grow revenue and profit. We will serve you using a wide range of powerful tools and experience, making sure that your brand will appear in the center of Amazon’s search results and that you connect with consumers that are already looking for what your product has to offer. 

In managing your Amazon PPC, the following are some of the activities we shall conduct: 

  1. Ensure a comprehensive collaboration with you 
  2. Plan and develop optimized ad campaigns for effectiveness and brand awareness 
  3. Analyze your account and produce new developments 
  4. Monitoring of changes in the marketplace and trends 
  5. Optimization of product descriptions for search algorithms on Amazon 
  6. Conducting extensive competitor analysis and strategy 
  7. Tracking and reporting of progress for future action

Our services also include but are not limited to the following: 

  1. Amazon Marketplace Management Services 
  2. Amazon Seller Central Management  
  3. Amazon Store Creation  
  4. Amazon Store Optimization  
  5. Business Report and Analysis 

Running a store on Amazon has never been this easy and convenient! Amazos is your partner in every business need and the key to the increase of your e-commerce sales. Our team is passionate about making every goal and objective possible for you. Learn more about our services today by contacting us NOW by calling us on 972 356 42244, Whatsapp, or with the help of our customer support.   

Sell more, sell faster—with Amazos! 

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Successful PPC Remarketings