Sell your products to retail stores

AMAZOS-BIZ delivers a more efficient and effective forum for buyers and sellers to communicate

Why Amazos-Biz

Tired of beating your head against the wall trying to get your products in front of the right people at the right time?
Putting your best foot forward is always sound advice.
AMAZOS-BIZ is your star, driving the business opportunity by placing your items in front of brick-and-mortar buyers who are in the product discovery phase.

Hit Good-Fit Stores Hard

AMAZOS-BIZ has a very unique business model, matching product suppliers and business owners with retail stores and buyers who have a stated need for their products. We stay in business by ensuring our customers succeed. We not only make a sale but also create a lasting relationship.

Establish Distribution Relationships

We create a relationship with additional platforms for you.

If an organization does not have distribution channels to provide resources for its products, it will not be able to manage its activities effectively.

We’ll make sure your supply chain becomes more efficient, cost-effective and productive as a result.

Become A Sales Expert

Our sales experts develop and implement new sales and customer strategy.
Negotiating contracts and identifying entrepreneurial ventures and strategies.
The roles are performed at different levels within the defined role

Build Your B2B Sales Pipeline

A short paragraph describing exactly what this service offers and how it helps clients. This is your chance to convince the visitor that your business is the right choice for them.


  • Do you have an ecommerce store?
  • Do you stock in the US?
  • Is your monthly turnover over $50000?
  • Do you have a registered brand?
  • Do you own a US company?
  • Do you have a RangeMe account

If you answered “yes” to all the questions then surely the service can help you increase sales.

  • $1500 per month for office expenses (CRM, phone, WhatsApp API and email marketing)
  • hourly labor cost
  • Selling commission

Different factors affect whether or not our sales team closes deals.
We’ll make sure your team is set up for success.

In the first step, we characterize the project with several questions.
In the second phase we start building the infrastructure and the sales team.
Within two weeks from the beginning of the project we start running


Refunds cannot be made.
Payment for the service is monthly in advance
The service can be stopped at any time.

I'm In

You have a vision, we have the way to take you there

Join us and let your big ideas blossom!

-> Become a better seller.

Comprehensive Amazon Seller Central Management

We don’t wake up in the morning just to be average

We can help you!

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